The Cantankerous Adventures of Thad and Belyle

by Iroquois Pliskin

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released March 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Iroquois Pliskin Cedar City, Utah

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Track Name: Adamas Prime
we've been out here for so long
lets turn where the emerald shines
should we turn here
lets stay here
this beast has us

her heart beats for
our flesh
i can't escape
my self superstition

we wish
our heads
the silence

i won't take surface layer for an answer
within the rock we go deeper

you can take a bow in thinking about leaving
we'll have to face the fact that we're never going home

run as fast as that
screaming creature
with explosive legs

we wish
our heads
to deafen
Track Name: Danny Trejo
i wish i could see you now
but i am far too proud
if i could go i would become nothing
your words knocked me off my already unstable ground

i use my fingertips to talk to you but it's no use

i was stable then
but i'd prefer a body instead
so go on and live your life
like i have this whole fucking time

i was out of place with my two hands on the letter board

figurative speech
just within my reach
but the pixels make up your face
i am so misplaced

i will let you go
and i've made my mistakes
but i'll remain the same
if you want me to
Track Name: Weak Ends
you can't get sober even if you say you tried
all of your friends what they say is right
a plethora of words defines your speech
a harbinger of negativity

and i am sick of listening
you always say the same goddamn thing

you say everything will be all right
i know you're lying

this fucking place is deafening
we can't hear anything
i can't hear anything

i hate to be a burden
Track Name: Snake! Snake? Whale!
we've taken the candy coating off our medication
from room to room ornate elect premeditation
end our stay, or let your body be drug out
walk to that black night before you

come closer
scrape your tongue against your teeth

this is the wrong room
your hair has gotten away from you
take my apology as an excuse to leave

we will have your hounds
in your living quarters keep them locked away
there are those who aren't careful in this place
reached my chest in a single bound

come closer
help me help you out

these hallways smell like shit!
put your fucking dog
in it's fucking kennel
Track Name: Merry + Pippin
in all that we could be
everything is fine
which danced about your head
laying from your past

we could go deaf from the sound of stolen fireworks

we've had enough of this shit
so don't ask us
am i? are we?
will you take me home?

we won't leave you behind.